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Judges & Mentors

Purple denotes judges. Blue denotes mentors.


Create a social game designed for all ages

Solve the problem of traffic congestion in Hong Kong

Create an O2O service (online-to-offline or offline-to-online)

Choice 1: Improve the welfare of the disabled or differently-abled
Choice 2: Radica's tasks (announced in the briefing session)


“Thank you for your effort in supporting hackUST 2017. hackUST 2017 offered me a wonderful moment and I appreciate it a lot. Again, thank you all of your support. I hope hackUST can continue to thrive!”

“Thank you for this great opportunity! It opened my horizons and helped me refine my pitching skills.”

“Hey, congratulations on hosting and sponsoring such a successful event! Thank you all for giving me this great opportunity to make friends and win prizes. It was a lot of fun!”

“It's not easy to express my excitement and happiness. We really appreciate you for supporting the competition and giving us a chance to show our thinking and put what we have learnt into practice. Thank you so much!”

“Thanks a lot for the hard work for making it happen. It's my first hackathon and I didn't expect it would be such a fun experience. To be frank there were some occasions in the event that I believe it could be handled in a better way. But we know things that can go wrong will go wrong, and haters are gonna hate.”

“Dear sponsors and Hack volunteers and HKUST staffs, many thanks and much gratitude to all of you. All of you did help us a lot during hackUST period. To begin with, HKUST gave us enough supplement of snacks and drinks. Friendly volunteers were always there waiting to help us. And all the procedures are organized very well. Thanks to all of you giving me one chance to participate in such an exciting competition. I am a year one student and grouped up with other 4 year one students just wanted to experience how did it feel to take part in HackUST. And we actually don’t learn much about computer science. Luckily, we got the second prize because of our good ideas for game design. We all are very happy that our game is appreciated by the judgers. Choosing HackUST is worthwhile! Many thanks to all of you to give us a chance to compete together at HackUST.”

“Dear all staff and sponsors of hackUST, Thank you for organizing this creative, outstanding activity! You’ve provided us a precious experience of designing and programming. I learned a lot about game designing and team collaboration during the two-day activity. All my teammates and I were impressed by your helps that mentors and helpers were really helpful and kind. And the food offered were pretty nice! (especially the tart). We feel so fortunate to win a prize that we think the prize will boost our confidence and passion in game designing in the future. We sincerely appreciate you!”

“Dear Sponsors and Supporters of hackUST, We sincerely appreciate the support you made during the competition. Without your sponsorship and support, hackUST would not have been so successful, and we have obtained invaluable coding and pitching experience during the two-day competition. The internship opportunities are the most treasurable prizes for us as we are eager to earn experience in workplaces from those companies.”

“Thank you so much for the sponsors for their effort in allowing us to turn our ideas into reality in this hackathon. It was such a valuable experience for me as my first hackathon participation and worked as a stimulant to tackle existing questions and problems with the boldest ideas.”

“It is my pleasure to get involved in the event. It is appreciated that you have given us many incentives and support during the whole hackUST. Thank you so much and I hope you can continue supporting hackUST in the future."

"The HackUST 2017 was an amazing experience, one that I will never forget. Everyone was nice and friendly. It was a great event and I am genuinely thankful that I had the chance to join in the electrifying 24 hours hackathon. I felt happy, not tired throughout the event all thanks to you guys. (And thanks for bringing us food all the time, I love you guys.)"


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