Dialogue with NGOs

Using technology to solve real world problems

We will invite some representatives from non-government organizations (NGOs) to share the real problems they are now facing.

We want to raise the awareness on the real problems, encourage you to brainstorm creative ideas, and finally decide a concrete plan to solve them.

Then, you can implement your brilliant plans in Hackathon@HKUST 2015 :)

Join us!! It is on 6:00 pm, March 4, Wednesday at Room 4221 (Computer Lab 1) 

This event also counts as one of COMP4900 talk!!!
Also, we have 2 Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1 TB Portable Hard Disk as prizes for brilliant ideas in the brainstorming sessions!!!

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18:00 to 18:05 Kick-off - Introducing our guest speakers
18:05 to 18:25 Sharing by Matthew Gow - CTO of Crossroads Foundation
18:25 to 18:45 Sharing by representatives from HKUST Connect
18:50 to 18:55 Short presentation about Hackathon@HKUST 2015
18:55 – 19:30 Group discussion and brainstorming session

Invited Organisations:


Join our Main Event as well!

Hackathon@HKUST (hackUST) is the platform for YOU, programmers, designers and entrepreneurs, to bring your ideas to fruition. It will be the biggest student-led Hackathon Hong Kong have ever seen. Be part of it!

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